4 Blood-Pumping HIIT Workouts to Support Immunity

fitness Dec 07, 2021
4 Blood-Pumping HIIT Workouts to Support Immunity


by GI Jeff

No, this is not an article about survival tips during the pandemic.  We feel like there is an absolute overload of facts (some questionable, some not), opinions, and general media overload everywhere. This series is for the people who have already decided to stay active during the pandemic.  Exercise will boost your immunity during this tough time.  

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In between random projects around the house I have tried to do 1-2 workouts daily (yoga or stretching in the morning, more intense workout before dinner). Thus far it is helping with sanity.

Having no equipment is no problem! Here are a few workouts that require no special equipment.

If you have equipment at home (jump rope, dumbbells, kettlebells, rower, etc) let us know and we at maximalbeing.com can program some different workouts for you.



Workout 1:


Burpees Situps

By this we mean; do 40 burpees, 40 situps, then 30 burpees, 30 situps, etc. If you have a medicine ball, use it during the situps for an extra challenge. This should be a quick one and will get your heart rate up!



Workout 2:

Five rounds of – 400 meter run

50 air squats

Assuming you don’t have access to a running track, a 400 m run is ¼ mile or approximately 1:45-2 minutes of running. The point of the run isn’t to set a personal record, it’s to get your blood pumping. With the squat, hips go below the knees, chest upright, core tight.



Workout 3:

10 -> 1 Burpees

1 -> 10 situps


Start with 10 burpees, then do 1 situp. Next, do 9 burpees, 2 situps, then 8 burpees, 3 situps, 7 burpees, 4 situps, etc. For more of an extra challenge, run 200m (⅛ mile or about 1 minute of running) after each round. This means after 10 burpees + 1 situp, run. Then run again after 9 burpees + 2 situps etc.



Workout 4:

Ten rounds of:

5 burpees

10 situps

20 single leg lunges

The lunge steps should be counted individually: left leg lunge = 1, right leg lunge = 2.  So ultimately you’re doing 10 lunges/leg per round. If you have dumbbells or kettlebells, hold them in your hands for an extra challenge and feel the fire in your legs.


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