Action! Your Goals in a Real Person

fitness goals Dec 06, 2021
Action! Your Goals in a Real Person


Using this example, you can action the general ideals details in the article on Goals for Life

 Bob is a 38-year-old man, who works at a factory.  He is 5’9″, 230 lbs and has a body mass index (BMI) of 34.  He smokes 1 pack of cigarettes daily and drinks 2 beers every night.  He was a football player, so has exercised but does not present.  He sleeps 5 hours a night and wakes up at 5 am every day.  He eats no breakfast, lunch is usually from the cafeteria (spaghetti, sandwiches, pizza) and dinner is meat, potatoes, and steamed veggies.  He has dessert every night and drinks 2 sodas a day with water in the evening.  He wants to start exploring more and wants to be outside but just can’t stop watching TV (4 hours nightly).



We can help Bob. The first step is if Bob wants help. If he does, let’s get to work. Let’s assess the various goal categories that can be obtained (below). Note that some goals have a higher impact on your health (tier) though some may be harder to obtain (stop smoking). Addiction to alcohol, tobacco, and other things is mental, but also physiologic. Bob should work on these with the help of a medical professional and he can work on the mental part.
Also, note that many goals are intermingled and can be done at the same time. Writing them down, allows Bob to see that, and setting a timeline is beneficial for obtaining them. Meeting all of these goals is not likely to happen in 1 day or 1 year even. Bob should be nice to himself and make these changes over time. He will check these goals off as he proceeds, and is on the path to success.


Tier 1: Alcohol
Tier 2: Soda
Tier 3: Dessert
Tier 4: Drink water
Tier 5: Add veggies (1/2 plate for lunch/dinner)
Tier 6: Eat real food
Tier 7: Meal Prep
Tier 8: Macro track


Tier 1: Some activity (walk, jog, swim, bike)
Tier 2: Consistent activity (walk 3 times weekly)
Tier 3: Fitness programming (lift 3 times weekly, HIIT, etc)
Tier 4: Performance training (HIIT daily, volume tracking)


Tier 1: STOP SMOKING!!! (seek medical advice)
Tier 2: SLEEP!!! (cut back on TV time to allow hours for sleep)
Tier 3: SLEEP hygiene (alcohol, tobacco, caffeine, exercise, diet, meditation, etc)
Tier 4: Active recovery days (between working out)
Tier 5: Mindfulness/meditation


Tier 1: Cut back on TV and create playtime
Tier 2: Fill playtime with a hobby (read, draw, play music)
Tier 3: Go outside (walking, etc)
Tier 4: Hike on weekend
Tier 5: Plan active vacation


Next, he will assign time to each category and tier, then action his plan to success. To keep yourself motivated track numbers, keep a list by date/calendar, spreadsheet. This will input the data and keep you moving. Use checkboxes and scratch-outs. 



Lastly, be kind to yourself if you falter once in a while.


Nutrition: Drink 1-2 beers weekly for the next 6 months, cut out soda in 1 month, then desert the next month, eat vegetables this month for the next 6 months
Fitness: walk 3 times weekly for the next 6 months
Recovery: sleep for 6-8 hours/night for the next 6 months
Play: cut back TV to 2 hours nightly this month


Nutrition: make ½ plate vegetables, macro tracking, food prep
Fitness: go to the gym and train 3 times weekly
Recovery: sleep for 6-8 hours/night, start yoga and mobilization work
Play: start playing guitar again




Nutrition: stop drinking, eat local, seasonal, start a garden
Fitness: deadlift 225 lbs 5×5, squat 185 lbs 5×5, bench press 185 lbs 5×5, run an 8 min mile
Recovery: sleep for 8 hours/night, do yoga 2 days weekly meditate daily for 10 minutes
Play: kayak this summer, plan a family hiking trip

(that Your Doctor Won’t Tell You)

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