7 Reasons Why The Game Isn’t Changed Yet: Plant-Based Diet

It is exciting to see America embracing the concept of healthy eating. In a recent documentary called “Game Changers,” the author advocates for a diet termed “plant-based.”

As a healthful eater myself and someone who has experimented with various plans (including veganism), I was interested to find out more. Though not vegan presently, I eat a diet that is at least ½ plants. Yet, what does “plant-based” mean? Read on to find out!

Soothe the Burn: Non-Medical GERD Therapies

The biggest bang for your buck is to work on your waistline. Obesity and subsequently loss of body fat will assist greatly in improving your reflux (SEE MACROS and our diet/fitness programming). Along the same lines, stress will greatly affect your gut function. The same signaling hormones in your body that control stress (serotonin, dopamine), also control the way your GI tract moves and shakes. If you manage your stress this will help manage your gut.