7 Reasons Why The Game Isn’t Changed Yet: Plant-Based Diet

It is exciting to see America embracing the concept of healthy eating. In a recent documentary called “Game Changers,” the author advocates for a diet termed “plant-based.”

As a healthful eater myself and someone who has experimented with various plans (including veganism), I was interested to find out more. Though not vegan presently, I eat a diet that is at least ½ plants. Yet, what does “plant-based” mean? Read on to find out!

Kombucha: The Beginning of the Booch

This acidic, sweet and vinegar-like elixir is derived through fermentation of bacteria, yeast, sugars, and tea. First described in 221 BC, this “Tea of Immortality” was lost for centuries. From its origins in Asia, the name Kombu originates from the Korean physician who used this beverage to treat Emperor Inyko with a magical “cha” or tea, hence Kombu-cha.

The Microbiome 101

There is exists inside of us over 30-100 trillion bacteria (also fungi, virus, and archaea), outnumbering our own cells in a ratio of 3:1. Our microbiome contains 150 times our genetic information and the overall volume is 4.5 pounds! Though the walls of our intestinal track seem to be overrun with these commensal freeloaders, we seek to gain much from our internal neighbors.

How to Eat Real Food

Our food system is broken. We eat food that comes from packages, boxes and cans containing ingredients that even someone with a doctorate cannot pronounce or identify each part. If our conscious mind cannot conceptualize these foods, well then how is our body supposed to make sense of them.

Drinking and Maximal Being

After a long winter here of holiday celebrations, the new year hit, and I set a goal to limit my drinking from the prior year. Step one was to change my mentality and find other substitutions for alcohol’s role in my life. With a tough job, alcohol will calm you down during the workweek. This is actually not true. Alcohol has the same effect on our body as anti-anxiety medications like Xanax or Ativan. The issue is that this temporary sedative response will often lead to dependency, interfere or block deep sleep needed for stress management, alter your stress hormones which can change your dietary intake, exercise benefit, and overall health.

Drink that Science

Let me start by saying that I am not an alcoholic. I do not have a drinking problem, nor do I have an addiction. However, I will tell you that alcohol is a problem for more of you than you probably are aware of. Alcohol may be the cause of that body composition rut, exercise plateau or sleep problem you are suffering from.