Kombucha Course: History, Science, Health and Creation + FREE e-book

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What you’ll learn

  • The history of kombucha
  • Kombucha science
  • How to grow a SCOBY
  • How to Make and Flavor Kombucha
  • Kombucha health benefits


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Kombucha, the elixir of life.  Filled with micronutrients and microbiome boosting probiotics, the benefits of which can last you a lifetime.  From us, at, a group of healthcare providers, we will teach you not only how to make this probiotic-rich brew, but about the origin, science and health benefits.



1. How to Grow a SCOBY

2. How to Brew and Bottle your very own kombucha

3. Troubleshooting your brew

4. The History of Kombucha

5. Booch Composition

6. Health benefits of kombucha


Along the way there will be quizzes to check your understanding and finally declare you to be a Kombucha Brewing Expert

From B.C. Asian roots, to the modern-day empire, we will teach you the history of kombucha’s lore. As healthcare providers, we then distill down the science being kombucha-composition and dive into the health benefits, which the booch can provide.

You will learn tips and tricks on SCOBY growing, kombucha brewing, flavoring and bottling. We all also teach you how to troubleshoot your tea if you run into issues.

Any kombucha issues despite our troubleshooting guide? Bring your brew to the booch Emergency Department.

Our group of providers will be happy to walk you through kombucha issues that pop-up via phone or email.

If you have questions along the way please do not hesitate to reach out to us at

AND…as an added BONUS your get a FREE Kombucha E-book!

Booch on Maximal Beings,

Doc Mok and RN Graham


Who this course is for:

  • Wellness enthusiasts
  • Foodies
  • Fermented food fans
  • Lovers of DIY
  • Guthealth and GI issue sufferers
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