Eat Real Food

How to Eat Real Food

Our food system is broken. We eat food that comes from packages, boxes and cans containing ingredients that even someone with a doctorate cannot pronounce or identify each part. If our conscious mind cannot conceptualize these foods, well then how is our body supposed to make sense of them.

Goals for Life

As this year begins, many of us are looking for the next step in our progression through life. New gym members flood our familiar space, cookies fill our shelves and the post-holiday blues drag us down.

Fret not dear readers, because you can win this new year wellness game. Do you know how? Well, you set the rules.

Action Your Macros!

You know the numbers, great, now what? How do I convert numbers to eggs and bacon?

This is the hard part. I prescribe to the macro approach at eating. I perform best with a framework but not a set of numeric handcuffs. How did I turn numbers into reality? I macro-started looking at labels, tracked macros and practiced.

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