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Why Do We Focus On Gut Health?

Thanks to years of misinformation such as the food pyramid, low-carb diets, and TV dinners, we have damaged our food ecosystem.  As a result, we have created franken-foods that are not found in nature and most of us cannot even pronounce them. 

Due to these lab experiments, we call food today; our bodies react to these substances in an unfamiliar fashion.  This has led to the surfacing of irritable bowel syndrome, gastroesophageal reflux disease, obesity, and gluten sensitivity. 

Eating real food, eating enough food, and eating seasonal is tough.  But breaking free of our boxed lives is liberating!  Let us take you on a journey toward healing your gut, your mind, and your body.  Let us the health care professionals, work on caring for your health and maximizing your being.


Meet the Team

Dr. Mok

It was at mile 8 that I realized, maybe this plan is not working!  In 2014 I was running 8 miles every other day, eating 1,200 calories per day, working 80 hours a week, and I felt like I was getting nowhere. I am a doctor; I should be the model of health to my patients, right? More calories out than in equals fat loss, right? It’s simple math, so why wasn’t it working? I looked back on my medical education and realized that the 6-hour course I had on the food pyramid probably was not an adequate basis for understanding nutrition and weight management. I, like many others, had fallen victim to conventional health and wellness fads and the idea that the same plan will work for everyone. So, with the help of others, I went back to the books and educated myself. 

Jacky Petit-Homme

Hello Maximal Beings. ‘Tis I, Jacky P, your favorite layman. I don’t have any professional or expert experience in the scientific world. However, some would say (my mom mostly) that I am a quick read and can break down complex concepts pretty aptly.

My fitness and nutritional journey started out in the typical fashion. I started working out in college. I would lift heavy to bulk up, and lift light weights to cut. I was never curious as to why it never worked. Probably because I was switching between light and heavy workouts weekly. To complement my poorly researched workout plan, I eat too little and have poor nutrition to boot. This trend carried on into adulthood.

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