Have a constant upset tummy? Wondering if there is something wrong with your gut?

Research tells is that The gut is central to health

We have a SIMPLE solution for your Gut

Heal Your Gut with Kombucha

Kombucha, the elixir of life.  Filled with micronutrients and microbiome boosting probiotics, the benefits of which can last you a lifetime.  From us, at maximalbeing.com, a group of healthcare providers, we will teach you not only how to make this probiotic-rich brew, but about the origin, science and health benefits.

Learn How!

Clear and straightforward instructions. Made excellent Kombucha the first time following the instructions. Can't wait to try more flavors and mixtures in the future. Highly recommend this course!


Heal Your Gut

Kombucha is a powerful probiotic agent

Save Money

Kombucha is expensive, make your own for pennies

Learn the Science

Understand why this ancient brew can heal you

Yes, Please!

This was a clear, concise overview of Kombucha and the process of creating it. The visuals are great, and will be a helpful reference for my attempts


I have been brewing Kombucha for a few years and was just interested in seeing it done via another perspective and technique. I have never done flavored booch and was interested in that technique. I'm going to apply some new things i learned in this course to my technique and hopefully start enjoying some flavored booch.


Lots of information I didn't know about in regards to the history of Kombucha. Also very easy to follow along