The Maximal Being podcast teaches you the secret science behind staying fit, eating well and improving your microbiome. Our hosts, Doc Mok and RN Graham, are a doc and a nurse that employ advances in medicine to build sustainable lifestyle changes. They will maximize your health by teaching you about nutrition, macros, intermittent fasting, ketogenesis, sustainable food, supplementation, weightlifting, compound movements, HIIT training, sleep, recovery, longevity, mobilization, gut health, the microbiome, probiotics, gastrointestinal issues, GI topics and much much more to reach your wellness goals.


Love this podcast because of the qualifications of the hosts - REAL medical professionals (not folks who “think” they are experts)! Every episode has made me reconsider my habits and realize what I was taught previously should be challenged."

A very well done podcast by a knowledgeable and honest team! It is good to hear a physician discuss the lack of nutritional focus and well-being with exercise we lose in healthcare. Keep it going!

The information presented in a clear and organized manner and supported by related research articles. The content is very useful and applicable to individuals who workout both with a trainer or on one’s own. Highly Recommended!


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