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Cereal for breakfast, pizza for lunch, pasta for dinner. We meander through the day like zombies, sit on the couch watching TV until we pass out, then wake up feeling groggy…wash rinse repeat.  Sound familiar?

As humans most of us exist every day in fluorescent caves.  The animals we consume are raised in boxes, and the food we eat is stored in packages, bottles, cans and containers.  Our society has progressed from farm fresh foods that we can identify to a chemistry experiment, which can survive years sitting on the shelf. 

Thanks to years of misinformation such as the food pyramid, low carb diets and TV dinners, we have damaged our food ecosystem.  As a result, we have created franken-foods that are not found in nature and most of us cannot even pronounce. 

Due to these lab experiments we call food today; our bodies react to these substances in unfamiliar fashion.  This has led to the surfacing of irritable bowel syndrome, gastroesophageal reflux disease, obesity and gluten sensitivity. 

Eating real food, eating enough food and eating seasonal is tough.  But breaking free of our boxed lives is liberating!  Let us take you on a journey toward healing your gut, your mind and your body.  Let us the health care professionals, work on caring for your health and maximizing your being.

Doc Mok

It was mile 8 that I realized…I am doing this all wrong. That’s right, I was running 8 miles every other day, eating 1,200 Calorie’s, working 80 hours a week and still I felt like I was getting nowhere. But, I am a doctor…and as I doctor I should be the model of health to my patients right? Fewer calories in minus more calories out equal fat loss. It’s simple math, so why isn’t it working!?


So, I looked back on my medical education and realized that the 6-hour course I had on the food pyramid was probably not an adequate basis for furthering my health. So, I went back to the books and educated myself.


I credit Mr. Graham and my good friends Stephanie and Erik Walker at strongfigure.com to catalyzing my interest in health and nutrition. I read all of the books and articles I could find on health and nutrition. In particular, how our gut influences these decisions and how our decisions influence our guts. Getting back to basics I have built a healthy, sustainable lifestyle that is easy to follow and easy to maintain. 


From the moment my father bought me a weight machine at age 12, along with the day at met Richard Graham, RN, I had a great exercise and nutrition foundation. Richard and I would work out after work and sometimes during lunch instead of our colleagues, who would go outside to smoke. We did interval training, walking and lifting weights. So, why wasn’t I doing that? Why was I running 8 miles every other day? Well, “conventional” societal knowledge of course. I know you have probably fallen victim to this as well. It is this “conventional” knowledge that muddies our pathway to our health and fitness goals. Given this, I just had to find my way back to my roots and our roots as a culture. A path back to improving my health and straightening out my kitchen. 


Who am I? I am an advanced endoscopist, which is a special type of GI doctor that performs complex procedures via endoscopy or flexible tubes, usually for diagnosing and treating cancer and complex conditions. I was born in New York City to two amazing parents, raised in New Jersey with two wonderful younger sisters. I trained in New Jersey for undergraduate, my master’s degree in Biomedical Sciences (Anatomy focus) and obtained my medical degree from Ross University. I did my Internal Medicine residency and GI fellowship in New Jersey as well, followed by one year of advanced endoscopy training at Geisinger Medical Center in Pennsylvania. I practice in Ohio presently and have a very supportive wife. 


As an advanced endoscopist, GI doctor and nutrition advocate, I make it my goal each day to discuss alternatives to pills, as a means for serving my patients. Individuals struggling with chronic GI symptoms and cancer, along with healthy people, can all benefit from bettering their health through nutrition. In particular, the relationship between the gut and your health is important. Let’s venture through the journey of a healthy gut, a healthy mind, and body.

Richard graham

Hey guys! So, a little about me. I’m 39 years old, happily married, 2 wonderful children and living in Fort Lauderdale area of South Florida. I am currently working the nightshift as a registered nurse in a medical intensive care unit. In the last 10 years, I’ve evolved quite a bit in my career, personal life, and fitness life. I believe because of this, I can give sound advice on how to start and maintain a healthy lifestyle in today’s busy, drive-thru, pushbutton, instant gratification world. So, a little background about my fitness journey.

I was always the super skinny kid growing up; I mean someone hand this kid a sandwich skinny! Tall and lanky, I felt like my awkward teen years crept well into my 20’s. It was not until my wife was pregnant with our first child that I became conscious about my health and fitness. My mentality, “I’ve got to try and live forever for this kid”. At this time in my life, I worked as a medical assistant in a busy doctor’s office outside of Princeton, NJ. I was lucky enough to have this insanely smart and motivated friend that worked beside me. We were fortunate enough to have access to a gym during our lunch break which we utilized for roughly 30-45 mins four days a week. Initially, I just wanted to go in there and toss up weight, but my friend, as mentioned before was crazy smart. He showed me the importance of doing research and how to maximize our allotted time. We read all the fitness magazines and I learned that fitness is more cerebral than physical. So, while others would take their two 10-minute breaks to go puff on their cigarettes, we would simply just walk around the parking lot. Fast forward to 2015 my friend is now in his last year of residency and I am entering my journey into nursing school. I also found myself doing something I never thought I would ever do; walking across the stage at the largest National Physique Committee competition in South Florida. Being the modest and shy person that I am I was trembling on stage, but it was such a big accomplishment to go from that scrawny guy in his late 20’s to placing 4th out of over 50 competitors in the physique at 35 years of age.

So here we are in the present. As stated above, I now work as a night nurse in an ICU and my friend is one of the top GI docs in Cleveland, Ohio. Both extremely busy and demanding careers, and unfortunately, we both see many people who if they made better health choices in life would not be in our care. My friend approaches me with the idea of doing a health and fitness blog from a health professional’s point of view. What I hope to bring to you in my portion is guidance on diet choices and fitness routines that have been proven by evidence-based tried and tested facts to help you reach your fitness goal.

Well, hopefully, this “short” story helps you guys get to know me a little better. But know that I am incredibly grateful for each one of you. So, whether you are someone that is trying to figure out how to fit your fitness goals into your busy life or looking to try something new, I hope that I can guide you on your journey. I understand that everyone’s goals are different and look forward to giving you the advice to succeed at yours. Here’s to your success in your first step or continued journey into a healthier life.

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